26th June 2017

Swim Competition Scene


Begins with the sound of the beach – birds chirping, wind blowing, waves crashing
Dialog between Anton and Vincent
They begin swimming, this is shown by the splashing of the water
There is non-diegetic spoken thought from Vincent

Camera Shots
Level shot – showing the brothers looking into the ocean
Underwater shot looking up – fading down showing them swimming out
Third person in the water – stays in place but moves as they swim past
Birds eye view shot – showing how small they are in the big sea
Level shot in the water – showing the waves
under water shot – how deep the ocean is
third person – the struggle
Underwater shot
Third person
Long shot – showing Vincent helping Anton out of the water
The same camera shot were used in the first swimming scene between the brothers, this leaves the comparison of them still being the same amount of competition between them but now Vincent can beat his brother which also beats the genetic stereotypes where the genetically impaired are less than the genetically ‘perfect’.

Sepia Filter – to show it was in the past tense

Vincent has glasses to show that he is genetically impaired
Flags are red to symbolise blood
The sea is bigger than we are and stronger than we are

The Setting
At the beach on the shore – its sunny with a slight wind
There is tension between characters
Moves into the sea

Vincent is wearing glasses and a singlet

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