Shot by Shot Analysis:
Zoom shot at level angle, of Lochie’s face
Zoom shot at level angle, of Phoenix’s face
level shot of both players, library setting
Closeup shot of game of chess
Low shot (on the chess board)
High angle shot, Fast motion of the players collecting each others chess pieces
Point of view shot (Player)
Close up of the clock
Close up of the game, Slow motion of the king getting taken

The director used film language to communicate the tension and competition between the players in a game of chess. The director did this using the ideas of camera movement, shots and angles. The shot that were used were level shots, closeup shots, low angle shots, high angle shots, point of view shots and zoom shots, these helped the viewer see the tension between the two chess players in an important game. This included the first two shots where, the camera was zoomed into the face of the opponents at a level angle, the tension was showed by the expression of the actor’s faces, they are staring into the eyes of each other with a expressionless face. They either had a time restraint or went on for a long time as shown by the close up clock shot. The library setting is a symbol of quietness, and a place in which they can concentrate of the game. The colour used was the original to show that it was taken in the present day.

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