Cross Cuts In this scene, cross cut shots are used to build tension between the time it takes Jerome to pull himself up the stairs using his upper body and the time it takes irene and Anton to drive to his house. The cross cuts in this scene flick back and forth of the two […]

Shot by Shot Analysis: Zoom shot at level angle, of Lochie’s face Zoom shot at level angle, of Phoenix’s face level shot of both players, library setting Closeup shot of game of chess Low shot (on the chess board) High angle shot, Fast motion of the players collecting each others chess pieces Point of view […]

  Soundscape Begins with the sound of the beach – birds chirping, wind blowing, waves crashing Dialog between Anton and Vincent They begin swimming, this is shown by the splashing of the water There is non-diegetic spoken thought from Vincent Camera Shots Level shot – showing the brothers looking into the ocean Underwater shot looking […]

“And then, very slowly, as he walked, he tilted his head back in the rain, just for a few moments and opened his mouth…” – page 24. this shows the influence Clarissa had on mr. Montag. PART ONE SUMMARY The novel starts with a scene where Montag and the other firemen are fuelling a fire […]

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